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A quick guide to all of your frequently asked questions

What is the Ali Way to Healing?

We are a mental health blog & developing community designed to educate, inspire, and cultivate love, hope, and healing to all people.

We believe in the power of connection, community, and compassion to ourselves first in order to lovingly extend to others.

What does subscribing to the blog look like?

Subscribing gets you immediate access to the monthly newsletter packed full of information and insights for the month ahead. It's also designed to be an engaging and fun community centered around mental health.

Subscribing gets you access to the rewards program, discounted paid posts, and it's totally FREE!

What are the membership options?

There are 4 plans:

  • Tea: a plan billed weekly

  • Sage: a plan billed monthly

  • Emerald: a plan billed monthly, but renews quarterly

  • Seafoam: the free plan!*

All plans are backed by a 7 day free trial period, and can be canceled anytime! *Seafoam is a one-time purchase option. Cannot be used with other offers.

Why did you start blogging?

I, Ali, wanted to create a space for vulnerable conversation after being hospitalized and diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD in 2020.

I believe that our stories have the power to erase shame.

What's the difference between subscribing and memberships?

Subscribing is free and includes everything mentioned previously.

Memberships guarantee immediate access to paid and public blog posts, the monthly newsletter, immediate access to the rewards program, and opportunities to gain deeper insight that only the paid posts contain.

Members have the opportunity to choose which membership best suits their lifestyle.

If I need to cancel a Membership, what do i do?

I'm sad to see you go! Please email to cancel your Membership. If you are within you 7 day free trial period, you are required to send an email 24 hours before payment is due.

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